Edition 1:1
The Showcase-Book for architects

We are glad to present you the Edition 1:1Showcase Book by the Deutscher Architektur Verlag. The book series portraits contemporary architects and establishes an archive for existent architectural-arts in the future. Focusing on the work of single offices, this series provides a framework for realized projects and additional information on conceptual backgrounds and details.

As publishers we are constantly seeking for portfolios with distinct attitudes and remarkable ideas towards architecture and concepts that ought to be presented to a wider audience. The offices’ profile, designs and built projects will be presented in one Showcase Book with drawings and photographs.

Being architects ourselves we can relate the wish for a monograph and know how often this is postponed by events, new projects and competitions. It takes time and effort to publish the own agenda of work in a detailed and meaningful fashion. As a young publishing team of architects and designers we specialize on the conception and production of quality architecture books. We write, draw, layout, print and market the showcase in dependence of the offices’ temporal possibilities and vision. Nevertheless, the book is not intended as pure advertising: By achieving an objective presentation of the work, it is important for us to stand behind the content provided and to create a great experience for the reader and the respective office.

On this page we present you the framework for our book series. We would be pleased if we could spark your interest to learn about us and experience our work regarding possible collaborations.


Deutscher Architektur Verlag is a young publishing company, founded by three graduates from the fields of architecture in Münster, Germany. After having gained experiences during their studies, in various offices and in apprenticeship, experience showed, that the field of communication in architecture offered an interesting sphere of activity with largely unexploited opportunities.

For us, the medium book is more than just an instrument for the presentation of information. It is rather a high-quality „means of transport“ for designed quality and stability. From appearance and haptic qualities of selected material to layout and typesetting – we carefully plan all of our services together with our selected team consisting of architects, designers, editors and digital developers. Interdisciplinary teamwork is truly at the heart of what we do.

Architecture and books are static and defined time capsules. Upon completion, they are meant to function in the long term. Furthermore, they are thought to offer the eye of the beholder a certain added value.

In order to offer room for extra material and current developments it is of great importance to link books with digital tools. This is why our theme-specific websites should be seen as an extension of print media. In that manner, they deliver the latest projects and specialized content.

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Building of the publishing house 'Deutscher Architektur Verlag'
Wohnen. Hochwertige Raumkonzepte.
Editor: Christian Zilisch
287 x 220 mm
280 pages
44,95 €
Cover of the book 'Wohnen. Urban und gemeinschaftlich.'
Wohnen. Urban und gemeinschaftlich
Editor: Kristina Foer
287 x 220 mm
256 pages
Release on 20.09.2016
44,95 €
Cover of the book 'Stadtliches Grün. Aktuelles Projekte und Büros der Landschaftsarchitektur'
Stadtliches Grün
Editor: Fenna Tinnefeld
Preface by Prof. Dr. Stefan Bochnig
268 x 215 mm
160 pages
29,95 €

The Showcase

The book series Edition 1:1 establishes the corresponding framework for the designs of selected architecture offices. In collaboration the series targets on finding the common thread and creating the greater picture of the office presented. Next to current projects and conceptual works we focus on the general attitude and philosophical aspects towards architecture. Through sketches, interviews, process of decision-making or built details the certain approach of the respective work unfolds and shows important aspects to inspire and confront architects as well as spark clients interest.

As architects we can relate to the outstanding quality of each project that is presented in this book series. Our profound engagement on the respective work is based on the understanding and identification of methods and projects in collaborative work with the architects. In practice, this means that we create texts and layouts based on to the materials provided to us. As an essential part of our work we employ architects, designers and editors who take over and ensure the uniform and objective appearance of our book. Together we create substantial content which provides insights rather than simple project descriptions and copywriting additions. Therefore the Showcase significantly differs from a pure portfolio and will be accepted as a quality work by customers and office partners alike.

In addition to the depth of content, we also attach a great importance to the physical quality of the book. We have created a layout framework in which we operate to preserve the objectivity and equality of the office in context of other architects. For the production, as with all our books, we work closely with an art book printing to ensure high production quality from paper selection, to binding and printing. Before the production the offices receive a number of preliminary preprints to assure flawless results in the interest of all participants.

All books of the Edition 1:1 series appear as a bilangual book in both English and German. They are aimed not only at an international readership, but also strengthen the appreciation of our work. The writing and discussion takes place in German, unless otherwise desired. The final text will be translated into English professionally.

The printed books will be send to the respective office to be passed on to employees, partners and future client at its sole discretion. At the same time we take care of the publishing and marketing of the books. The publication receives an ISBN number and is available for purchase in any bookstore. In German-speaking countries we cooperate among others with wholesalers as KNV and Libri, which supply almost all bookstores directly. Abroad, we are connected with book distributors and book wholesalers and attune the English-speaking marketing focus to your requirements. In addition, we maintain direct contacts with specialized architecture bookshops. Of course, the books are also available on Amazon and other retailers through direct orders. Increasing the range of the publication is of utmost priority; we send review copies and assure that the book will be noticed in online and offline media. This not only ensures the direct readership, but also mentions in magazines, better findability in search engines and availability in many libraries.

In addition to the release we create your own website for your book to give in depth information such as interviews or additional material that did not make it into the final release.

The content structure depends on the requirements of the office but we also offer structures adapted to it. Depending on the scope of materials and projects we provide about 80 to 112 pages. This allows, for example, a representation of 8 projects over 10 pages including plan materials, an optional preface as well as an office-profile and a detailed introduction.

On the following pages we want to introduce our planned layout to give you an impression of how the Showcase could be configured.

At a glance
Pages 80 - 112
Format 287 x 220 mm
Binding Thread binding
Production Hardcover with band
straight back
Paper 150 g/m² matt coated
Print 4/4 Euro scale/Euro scale
Language Bilingual in English / German
Editorship 'Deutscher Architektur Verlag'
in collaboration with the office

Layout samples

Sample Layout of the Edition 1:1 Page 1
Edition 1:1
Layout sample introduction
Layout sample of the Showcase book Edition 1:1 Page 2
Edition 1:1
Layout sample project pages
Layout sample of the Showcase book Edition 1:1 Page 3
Edition 1:1
Layoutsample project pages


We are happy to talk to you about the possibilities of a showcase (retrospective / monograph / showcase) for your architectural office. In addition to the offer of a presentation in the book series Edition 1:1 , we also offer the possibility to publish an individual book with us. Feel free to use the contact form or write us directly at: info@deutscher-architektur-verlag.de